Urban City Stories

Experience the freedom to play in your very own city, with lots of places to explore and neighbors to meet.

Let your imagination fly

Break your daily routine, escape to a new city and create a whole new life in Urban City Stories where you will live unprecedented and exciting experiences. Amazing places to explore await you, full of secrets to discover and new neighbors to meet.

Take charge of the day-to-day life of a family in their urban apartment, take care of replenishing the products of the supermarket, be the police chief, or a banker, would you like to escape to the youth club and organize an unforgettable party? Or would you rather become a superhero and save the whole city?

You will have at your disposal the most fashionable clothing store, where you can experiment with dozens of different clothes, accessories and hairstyles. And because urban life is always better when you share it, show off your outfit with friends and family using the new camera functionality, where you can immortalize the magical moments that occur in Urban City Stories.

Key features

10 locations in a huge city: streets with a police station, cafe, youth club, apartment, clothing store, supermarket, traditional house, bank and underground stations.

Play with 30 characters of different ages and genres, representing different roles and jobs, and fully customize them with different hair styles, hair color, beard style and skin color.

New camera mode so you can save and share the best moments that happen in your stories.

No rules or goals: You decide how your stories will be!

Game safe to be played by the whole family, with appropriate content and without external ads.

Single purchase valid for a lifetime. Without monthly fees, suscription or additional charges.


Target Ages


Encourages Imagination

Improves Creativity

Story creation

No Rules or Goals

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